Friday, June 10, 2011

Garnett York

This is a continuation if my last sim, Jewel. Since I uploaded her, I figured it was only fair to give her hunky twin brother a chance as well! is Garnett, son of Venus & jkmartinez's simself.

This one is a ladies man! (If you can believe it!)

I would have tweaked his body a lot more, but my custom sliders are not working with Generations. They are causing it to wonk out, so no custom bodies. He looks pretty good, though, I think! :-)

In case you want your very own Garnett, son of can download him here:

He is wearing the same hair of my last three uploaded male sims. *lol* I can't help it! It's the best stylish hair for men, that doesn't look like a wig, or like it has been curled with a curling iron.

 And, as always, he is wearing this skin:

If you like him, be sure to let him have some fun with the ladies! ;)



Please do not:

-Upload to the exchange (even if you have "tweaked" him.)
-Claim as your own
-Use as an avatar on EA's site (hence rule #1...)
-Use in a story, or any sims publication (IE - magazines) without my permission.
-Ask to use as a founder of any legacy - the answer is automatically "no."
-Use in a modeling competition.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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