Friday, June 10, 2011

Jewel York

So, here is one of  two sims that were a request from my friend, Bordelinski.

Jewel is the daughter of Venus York of Venus Does Riverview, and the simself of jkmartinez of TS3 official forums. If you are familiar with the story, you already know this. If not...then let me introduce you to my little Jewel...

Technically, she is still a toddler in Venus's story, but she is my Generations test sim, so she is a YA in her own game, and in her download. ;-)

She is quite a character and very much like her mother.

She is completely born in game, no tweaking, although I suspect that she inherited the custom slider body shape of her mother, judging from the size of those hips. :-P

 If you would like to have your very own Jewel for your game, you can find her here:

She is wearing Newsea's Spotlight hair, in her photo.

And she is also using THIS skin by Lady Frontbum:

I believe she is probably wearing mostly EA clothes, if you download her. I don't worry about what they are wearing too much, when I upload, because I figure that if you are like me, you are going to dress them yourself, anyways - probably because you think my style is craptastic. :-P

Anyways, enjoy her - she is a special sim to me, being the daughter of my favorite sim ever, and all!



Please do not:

-Upload to the exchange (even if you have "tweaked" her.)
-Claim as your own
-Use as an avatar on EA's site (hence rule #1...)
-Use in a story, or any sims publication (IE - magazines) without my permission.
-Ask to use as a founder of any legacy - the answer is automatically "no."
-Use in a modeling competition.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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